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Welcome to HARBWR

Arts on Prescription - Swansea Bay

Image by Andrew "Donovan" Valdivia
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HARBWR will offer creative and fun arts activities to support people with common mental health problems. We will also organise groups for carers, Dance to Health groups for falls prevention and are working on support for people living with chronic pain.

HARBWR is a new Arts on Prescription programme - delivered by Swansea Bay University Health Board in collaboration with local partners in arts, wellbeing, 3rd sector and local councils.

HARBWR has received funding through YLab's HARP Nourish programme to start running activities from May 2021.

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“Art is a wound turned into light.”

Georges Braque

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Our Activities

Wellbeing through creativity, community and fun!


Every human is an artist

Rengarific is a fun and accessible arts activity that builds creativity, resilience and connections. Small groups facilitated by an artist create pieces of art, using any technique they choose (photography, poetry, sketching, painting, sowing, etc.). Once a week they meet up online to talk about their work and choose someone else's art that they "riff" off the following week. This goes on to create a collective story - a chain of artworks that is exhibited online or in a gallery setting.

Originally developed as part of YLab’s HARP Sprint project, Rengarific aimed to support adult mental health service users in Wales through 2020’s lockdowns. It has developed to provide a wide range of participants with a fun and meaningful creative project in an informal setting.

Dance to Health

A fun way to increase your strength and balance, enabling you to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle

The Dance to Health programme uses dance to help people improve or maintain their strength and balance. This is important to ensure we continue to get the most out of life. It also reduces pressure on our health system.

We use dance because it is hugely powerful. Not only does it encourage us to build strength and balance. It’s fun, playful and liberating. It can be the source of incredible focus. It also gives us the opportunity to improvise and be creative.

Our dance artists complete the same training NHS physiotherapists receive to build strength and balance as we age. They then receive more training to help them smuggle the strength and balance exercises into dance.

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